Commodities: VP Engle II Sells 50,443 Of General Motors Co >GM

SOURCE: Form 4 
ISSUER: General Motors Co 
FILER: Engle Barry L II 
TITLE: Vice President 
DATE               TRANSACTION              SHARES       PRICE           VALUE 
12/4/17            Exercise*                50,443      $30.67      $1,547,087 
12/4/17            Sale                     50,443      $43.08      $2,173,084 
(10b5-1 Plan Indicated)** 
OWNERSHIP: 6,648 (Direct) 
  * - Exercised 7 years, 7 months before expiration. 
 ** - A 10b5-1 plan enables an insider to establish a program to make trans- 
      actions according to an advance plan.  Such a program allows an insider 
      to continue with planned transactions even if he or she comes into 
      possession of material non-public information. 
  The Form 4 is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by insiders 
  to report transactions in their companies' shares.  Open market purchases 
  and sales must be reported within two business days of the transaction. 
Insider Data Source: The Washington Service 
                     ([email protected] or 301-913-5100)