Commodities: Euro-Yen Pointed Higher — Market Talk

0145 GMT – EUR/JPY Intraday: Upside prevails. The pair rebounded and broke above the 20- and 50-period moving averages. The relative-strength index has just landed on its neutrality level and is turning up. If Y122.05 holds on the downside, look for a further rise to Y122.60 and even Y122.90. But a breakdown could result in a move back to Y121.65 and Y121.30. [This piece contains the opinions of Trading Central and does not constitute personalized investment advice or form part of any invitation or inducement to buy or sell any security. The author has been prohibited by Trading Central from purchasing or otherwise directly or indirectly acquiring any direct or indirect beneficial ownership of any instruments or markets for which Trading Central or its affiliates issues recommendations. To read more, visit] ([email protected])

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