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Envision Healthcare Corp. (EVHC) filed a Form 8K – Director, Officer or Compensation Filing – with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission on December 06, 2017.

On December 1, 2017, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Envision Healthcare Corporation, a Delaware corporation (the “Company”) unanimously appointed William A. Sanger to serve as non-executive Chairman of the Board for a term expiring December 1, 2019, as contemplated by the Company’s Second Amended and Restated By-laws. Mr. Sanger previously served as the Company’s Executive Chairman. Following Mr. Sanger’s appointment as non-executive Chairman, the Company no longer has an Executive Chairman. Mr. Sanger will no longer receive the executive compensation that was previously payable under his employment agreement with the Company. In addition to the Company’s standard board compensation payable to non-employee directors, Mr. Sanger will receive an annual retainer of $150,000 for serving as the Board’s non-executive Chairman.

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Public companies must file a Form 8-K, or current report, with the SEC generally within four days of any event that could materially affect a company’s financial position or the value of its shares.

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